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Representing the best brands of coin-operated & industrial laundry equipment service in the industry!

Our Commercial And Industrial laundry Equipment Services


We supply and install commercial and industrial stackable washer and dryer for customers in many industries, from Pro Sports to Medical Facilities.


We can help you design and implement the perfect laundry facility for your needs. We support and maintain all of our equipment.


As part of our commercial laundry service phoenix model, we can supply any necessary laundry chemicals through our sister company, WaterMark Solutions

Our Commercial Laundry Machinery Manufacturers

Blue Wave

Bluewave is truly an International product that employs the best of the best in the global marketplace. It is manufactured under strict adherence to ISO9001 standards and is CE certified. This machine is built on a robust, A-Frame design with re-enforced framework to promote a smooth, vibration free wash. It adopts the German technology of a dimpled basket hole design (Scrubber) and vented lifting ribs (Efficient Rinse) to provide cleaner linens and more efficient washing. The controller offers 30 different wash programs where the programmer can control such things as wash time, water level, water temp, wash action, external chemical controller signals and varying spin speeds. What makes this the best commercial washer and dryer from any other washer on the market is it’s “On Of A Kind” on-board disinfection system. Borrowing technology from disinfection carts, this washer has Ultra Violet (365nm) lamps as part of its design to provide disinfection throughout the entire wash cycle.

Professional Laundry Machinery

Fagor, a leading name in the commercial laundry industry, offers an exceptional range of washers and commercial laundry dryers designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide. Combining functionality, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, Fagor’s commercial laundry equipment phoenix AZ delivers multiple benefits that set it apart from competitors.

Innovative And Durable Commercial And Industrial Laundry Equipment

Tolon’s best commercial washing and drying machines are designed to revolutionize the laundry experience, offering unparalleled benefits to businesses worldwide. Engineered for efficiency, these state-of-the-art machines boast a robust build, advanced features, and eco-friendly technology that sets them apart from the competition.

Service & Support





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We work alongside you and guide you through the process of designing your perfect laundry facility. Our experienced installers understand the needs and flow of a successful laundry facility. Working with a wide range of industries, we understand how to successfully implement any laundry system.


Our staff is knowledgeable of the lines we offer and quick to provide insight into making your laundry equipment purchase a pleasant experience. Visit our showroom and training facility to see all of our machines and learn from our experienced staff how to operate and troubleshoot your new equipment.


We stock, for the brands we sell, the most common wear and tear parts for fast, efficient, service and minimal downtime. As a full-service partner in your laundry needs, we can ensure that your facilities stay efficient and operational.


Our support staff is factory trained to provide you quick and accurate repair in the event of an equipment malfunction. We also offer training and support for those who have maintenance staff who wish to do their own repairs and maintenance.

Our Completed Work

Professional Laundry
Professional Laundry
Innovative And Durable Laundry Equipment
Professional Laundry

About Us

LaundriTek was incorporated in Arizona, Fall of 2001.  Founder,  Mark Simmons served in the US Air Force for 10 years as a ground support equipment mechanic. He brings 30 plus years of electrical and mechanical knowledge to our organization. LaundriTek represents multiple international lines of commercial laundry equipment.

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